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A video, and a recipe

I approach decorating as painting, and in fact decorating with royal icing is a little like moving oil paint around - wet on wet. If you need instant gratification like I do, this is for you - one of my favorite photographers, Garry Winogrand's, response to the question of why he takes pictures was "just to see how they turn out". Here's a recipe for Scottish shortbread and royal icing (warning: I use a scale, so for the most part you won't find cups and such... just email me and I can convert for you)


soft, unsalted butter 12 oz, yolks 1 oz. mix together with a paddle

add: salt .2 oz (about 3/4 tsp), vanilla .25 oz (about 1 tsp), baking powder the tiniest pinch

add and mix well with paddle: powdered sugar 6 oz

add and mix well: all purpose flour 13.6 oz

roll out, between 2 sheets of clear wrap, to about 1/4 inch and refrigerate

cut and bake at 340 for approx. 25 minutes until golden brown

makes approx. 12-15 cookies

Royal icing: whites 2 oz, powdered sugar 7 oz. whisk on high speed until you see deep trenches

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