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A little history: our first Maine home...

In the summer of 2013, my husband and I moved from Chicago to open our little bakery. Having combined decades of elevated positions in the food community as chef and baker, and confident of our skills, we thought that we would easily take Portland by storm. We were lean and mean, we were flexible and could change things up on a dime, we could go seamlessly from large catering orders to 100 varieties of retail offerings. What we found instead is that, here, talent and skill are only half of the equation; we had the dreaded "from away" stigma.. Portland is about community, and history. Slowly, very slowly, we learned about our customers, about their parents, their kids, the vacations they looked forward to, the home projects they were working on. And they about us. Everyday, our customers reminded us of what is most rewarding about what we do -- real hospitality and being of service -- opening the doors at 8am became an invitation to beloved guests to step into our kitchen. Sadly, after 6 proud years, we closed our doors. A year and a half later and wanting to make a contribution to our old customers (and hopefully new ones!), I am back at it working from home now with a limited menu. I'm so glad to be back...

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